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Second Post

2010-12-14 02:32:57 by Burnsie2010

I've decided to get into uploading audio. Anyone who can suggest free multi-track recording software will make my day/week/month...

I'm also going to replace my "Kick a puppy for Jesus" picture. Not sure yet what with. <-There's a fine sentence for you.
For now, I'm going to put bits and pieces of things that I've created for the SOLE purpose of getting feedback.

I play guitar, piano, and anything else I have access to at any given time. Bass sometimes, violin other times (although, I suck at the violin. A lot. Like, I've only touched that instrument like 4 times in my life. I figured out the Star Spangled Banner, then I got bored.).


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2010-12-25 15:13:52

Merry Christmas!